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A change in behavior as a result of experience can be defined as

The learning process may include some elements such as verbal, conceptual, and

While learning the material being taught, students may be learning other things as well. This additional learning is called

Individuals make more progress learning if they have a clear objective. This is one feature of the principle of

Things most often repeated are best remembered because of which principle of learning

Providing opportunities for a student to practice and then directing this process towards a goal is the basis of the principle of

The principle that is based on the emotional reaction od the learner is the principle of

Which principle of learning often creates a strong impression

Which principle of learning implies that a student will learn more from the real thing than from a substitute

Which principle of learning often determines the sequence of lectures within a course of instruction?

What is the basis of all learning?

perceptions result when a person

A basic need that affects all of a person's perceptions is the need to

Which factor affecting perception has a great influence on the total perceptual process?

Which factor affecting perceptions is based on the effectiveness of the use of a properly planned training syllabus?

In the learning process, fear of the element of threat will

Which is one of the ways in which anxiety will affect a student?

The mental grouping of affiliated perceptions is called

Insights, as applied to learning, involve a person's

Instruction, as opposed to the trial-and-error method of learning, is desirable because competent instruction speeds the learning process by

Name one way an instructor can help develop student insights

Which memory system processes input from the environment

The use of some type of association, such as rhymes or mnemonics is best suited to which memory system?

How can recoding be described?

Where is information for future use stored?

When a person has difficulty recalling facts after several years, this is known as

When the learning of similar things overshadows other learning experiences, it is called

According to one theory, some forgetting is due to the practice of submerging an unpleasant experience into the subconscious. This is called

Responses that produce a pleasurable return are called

The performance of rectangular patterns helps students fly traffic patterns. What type of transfer of learning is this?

Which transfer of learning occurs when the performance of a maneuver interferes with the learning of another maneuver?

To ensure proper habits and correct techniques during training, an instructor should

What level of knowledge is being tested if asked, "what is the maneuvering speed of the aircraft listed in the owner's manual?"

During the flight portion of a practical test, the examiner stimulates complete loss of engine power by closing the throttle and announcing "simulate engine failure". What level of learning is being tested?

At which level of learning do most instructors stop teaching?

When asking a student to explain how gross weight affects maneuvering speed, what level of learning is being tested?

Which domain of learning deals with knowledge

Affective domain relates to

The educational objective levels for the cognitive domain are

The listing of the hierarchy of objectives is often referred to as a

The most complex outcome in the affective domain is

The least complex outcome in the psychomotor domain is

The best way to prepare a student to perform a task is to

A learning plateau may be defined as the

The factor which contribute most of a student's failure to remain receptive to new experiences and which creates a tendency to reject additional training is

An instructor may foster the development of insights by

although defence mechanisms can serve a useful purpose, they can

When a student uses excuses to justify inadequate performance, it is an indication of the defense mechanism known as

Taking physical or mental flight is a defense mechanism students use when they

When students subconsciously use the defense mechanism called rationalization, they

When a student engages in daydreaming, it is the defense mechanism of

When students display the defence mechanism called aggression, they

When a student asks irrelevant questions or refuses to participate in class activities, it usually is an indication of the defense mechanism known as

When a student becomes bewildered and lost in the advanced phases of training after completing the early phases without grasping the fundamentals, the defense mechanism is usually in the term of

When under stress, normal individuals usually react

Which would most likely be an indication that a student is reacting abnormally to stress

One possible indication of a student's abnormal reaction to stress would be

The instructor can counteract anxiety in a student by

Which obstacle to learning is a greater deterrent to learning pilot skills than is generally recognized?

Students who grow impatient when learning the basic elements of a task are those who

What should an instructor do with a student who assumes that correction of errors is unimportant?

Faulty performance due to student overconfidence should be corrected by

Before a student can concentrate on learning, which human needs must be satisfied?

After individuals are physically comfortable and have no fear for their safety, which human needs become the prime influence on their behavior?

which of the student's human needs offer the greatest challenge to an instructor?

Which is generally the more effective way for an instructor to properly motivate students?

Motivations that cause a student to react with fear and anxiety are

Motivations in the form of reproof and threats should be avoided with all but the student who is

When students are unable to see the benefits or purpose of a lesson, they will

Confusion, disinterest, and uneasiness on the part of the student could happen as a result of not knowing the

Which statement is true concerning motivations?

For motivation to be effective, students must believe their efforts will be rewarded in a definite manner. This type of motivation is

An instructor can most effectively maintain a high level of student motivation by

The effectiveness of communication between instructor and student is measured by the

Effective communication has taken place when, and only when, the

When has instruction taken place

To communicate effectively, instruction must

To be more likely to communicate effectively, an instructor should speak or write from a background of

In the communication process, the communicator will be more successful in gaining and retaining the receiver's attention by

Probably the greatest single barrier to effective communication in the teaching process is a lack of

A communicator's words cannot communicate the desired meaning to another person unless the

The danger in using abstract words is that they

By using abstractions in the communication process, the communicator will

Evaluation of demonstrated ability during flight instruction must be based upon

In evaluating student demonstrations of piloting ability, it is important for the flight instructor to

Examples of all common endorsement can be found in the current issue of

Before endorsing a student for solo flight, the instructor should require the student to demonstrate a consistent ability to perform

The student should be capable of handling problems that might occur, such as traffic pattern congestion, change in active runway, or unexpected crosswinds prior to

Which statement is true regarding true professionalism as an instructor

Aviation instructors should be constantly alert for ways to improve the services they provide to their students, their effectiveness, and their

student confidence tends to be destroyed if instructors

Students quickly become apathetic when they

Which statement is true regarding the achievement of an adequate standard of performance

True performance as a professional is based on the student and

In the teaching process, which method of presentation is suitable for presenting new material, for summarizing ideas, and for showing relationships between theory and practice.

What is one advantage of a lecture?

Which teaching method is most economical in terms of the time required to present a given amount of material?

Which is a true statement regarding the teaching lecture?

The first step in preparing a lecture is to

During a teaching lecture, what would detract from an instructor's dignity and reflect upon the student's intelligence?

The distinguishing characteristics of an informal lecture is the

An instructor can inspire active student participation during informal lectures through the use of

An instructional strategy which organizes students into small groups so that they can work together to maximize their own and each other's learning is called

The most significant characteristic of group learning is that it

The main reason that students are put in cooperative learning groups is so they

The main advantage(s) with heterogeneous groups are that students tend to

In a guided discussion, learning is achieved through the

a question directed to an entire group to stimulate thought and response from each group member is identified as

In a guided discussion , leadoff questions should usually begin with

Which question would be best as a a leadoff question for a guided discussion on the subject of torque?

When it appears students have adequately discussed the ideas presented during a guided discussion, one of the most valuable tools an instructor can use is

Which statement about the guided discussion method of teaching is true?

Which method of presentation is desirable for teaching a skill such as ground lesson on the flight computer?

What are the essential steps in the demonstration/performance method of teaching?

What is the last step in the demonstration/performance method?

In the demonstration/performance method of instruction, which two separate actions are performed concurrently?

The basic demonstration/performance method of instruction consists of several steps in proper order. They are

Which statement is true concerning computer-based training (CBT)?

Some of the more advanced computer-based-training (CBT) applications allow students to progress through a series of interactive segments where the presentation varies as a result of their

The major advantage of computer-based-training (CBT) over other forms of instruction is that it is interactive- the computer responds in different ways, depending on the student's

The primary objective of flight instructionn is the

Integrated flight instruction has many benefits, but the main objective is to

Which is an acceptable procedure when using the integrated method of flight instruction

During integrated flight instruction, the instructor must be sure the student

Which is an example of a positive approach in the first flight lesson of a student with no previous aviation experience?

Which statement is true regarding positive or negative approaches in aviation instructional techniques

In planning any instructional activity, the first consideration should be

In planning instructional activity, the second step is to

development and assembly of blocks of learning in their proper relationship will provide a means of

which statement is true concerning extraneous blocks of instruction during a course of training

When is it impossible to conduct a scheduled lesson, it is preferable for the instructor to

When teaching new material, the teaching process can be divided into which steps

every lesson, when adequately developed, falls logically into four steps of the teaching process

The methods of arranging lesson material from simple to complex, past to present, and know to unknown, is one that

in organizing lesson material, which step sets the stage for everything to come?

The proper sequence for the subparts of an introduction is

In developing a lesson, the instructor should organize explanations and demonstrations to help the student

When teaching from the know to unknown, an instructor is using the student's

a lesson plan, if constructed properly, will provide an outline for

each lesson of a training syllabus includes

(Refer to figure 1) Section A is titled

(Refer to figure 1) Section B is titled

(Refer to figure 1) Section C is titled

(Refer to figure 1) Section D is titled

(Refer to figure 1) Section E is titled

(Refer to figure 1) Section F is titled

(Refer to figure 1) Section G is titled

When the instructor keeps the student informed of lesson objectives and completion standards. It minimizes the student's feelings of

Which statement is true about lesson plans?

The main concern in developing a lesson plan is the

With regard to the characteristics of a well-planned lesson, each lesson should contain

What is the primary consideration in determining the length and frequency of flight instruction periods?

Which is a true statement concerning the use of instructional aids?

The use of instructional aids should be based on their ability to support a specific point in the lesson. What is the first step in determining if and where instructional aids are necessary?

Instructional aids used in the teaching/ learning process should be

Instructional aids used in the teaching/ learning process should not be used

To enhance a student's acceptance of further instruction, the instructor should

When an instructor critiques a student, it should always be

Which statement is true about an instructor's critique of a student's performance

An instructor's critique of a student's performance should

Which is true about an instructor's critique of a student's performance?

To be effective, a critique should

Which statement is true about the instructor's critiques?

Which would more likely result in the student becoming frustrated

Practical test for pilot certification are

The objective of the practical test standards (PTS) is to ensure te certification of pilots at a high level of performance and proficiency, consistent with

A pretest constructed to measure the knowledge and skills necessary to begin a course is referred to as a

one desirable result of proper oral quizzing by the instructor is to

which is a valid reason for the use of proper oral quizzing during a lesson

Proper oral quizzing by the instructor during a lesson can have which result?

To be effective in oral quizzing during the conduct of a lesson, a question should

During oral quizzing in a given lesson, effective questions should

In all quizzing as a portion of the instruction process, the questions should

To answer a student's question, it is most important that the instructor

What is a characteristic of supply-type test items?

Which is the main disadvantage of supply-type test items?

One of the main advantages of selection-type test items over supply-type test items is that the selection-type

Which statement is true about multiple-choice test items that are intended to measure achievement at a higher level of learning?

Which statement is true relative to effective multiple-choice test items?

Which type of test item creates the greatest possibility of guessing

Which is one of the major difficulties encountered in the construction of multiple-choice test items?

In a written test, which type of selection-type test items reduces the probability of guessing correct responses

A written test has reliability

A written test has validity when it

A written test is said to be comprehensive when it

The characteristic of a written test, which measures small differences in achievement between students, is its

A written test having the characteristic of discrimination will

Evaluation of student performance and accomplishment during a lesson should be based on

Which statement is true regarding student evaluation?

Which type of test is desirable for evaluating training that involves an operation, procedure, or process


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