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I had an unforgettable experience during my trip to a small town in Bulgaria. One day, I decided to try out a local restaurant for lunch. As I sat down at a table, a friendly server approached me to take my order. The only problem was that I didn’t speak Bulgarian, and they didn’t speak English. I was faced with a ______

Feeling a bit1-......., I pointed at a delicious-looking sandwich, hoping to enjoy a tasty meal. To my surprise, the server shook her 3-......... from side to side. I was confused. I looked around and noticed other people happily devouring sandwiches. Undeterred, I tried again and pointed at a comforting bowl of soup. Once again, the server shook her head sideways. It didn’t make sense to me since I saw people nearby enjoying their soup. I started to feel a bit 2-.........

Just as I was about to give up and4-......., it suddenly clicked in my mind. I remembered that In Bulgaria, they use a different body language signal. 5-......... the head from side to side actually meant “6-.......,” while 3-............ the head up and down meant “7-........” I couldn’t help but laugh at myself. misunderstanding. Apologizing to the server, I ordered both the sandwich and the soup. It was a valuable 2-............ for me, reminding me of the importance of understanding and interpreting body 1-......... , even in unfamiliar places.

Match the following body language signals with their meanings in Bulgaria:

Match the following feelings with the corresponding situation:

Match the following actions with their outcomes:

Match the following places with their characteristics:

Match the following phrases with their meanings:


Experience a communication challenge while trying to order food in a small town in Bulgaria due to language barriers. Test your problem-solving skills in this quiz based on a real-life experience.

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