Programming I Fall Semester 2023 Test

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Which of the following is NOT true about cybersecurity?

Which of the following devices is not connected to the Internet of Things?

Which of the following is true about the Internet of Things? I. The Internet of Things is the network of devices with the ability to connect and exchange data. II. The Internet of Things increases our vulnerability to cyber attacks. III. The Internet of Things is purely positive–there are no negative consequences to increased connectivity

In cybersecurity, what does CIA stand for?

Alice is buying books from an online retail site, and she finds that she is able to change the price of a book from $19.99 to $1.99.

Which part of the CIA triad has been broken?

rue or False. The information about a particular person that exists on the Internet is a result of only a portion of their online activity. Some things don’t matter or are not part of a person’s digital footprint.

A person’s digital footprint consists of the following:

I. Comments you leave II. Pictures you post III. Topics you search IV. Apps you use V. Music you download VI. Emails you send

Which of the following can help you to maintain your digital footprint? I. Using privacy settings to limit your exposure II. Posting long rants when you are angry about something III. Reviewing posts you are tagged in and taking action if needed IV. Googling yourself on a regular basis

Which of the following statements are true about cyberbullying: I. Cyberbullying uses electronic communication to bully a person. II. Cyberbullying is a crime in many states. III. Instances of cyberbullying do not affect the digital footprint of the victim. IV. Cyberbullying hurts real people even though we can’t always see their reactions online.

Victims of cyberbullying may experience which of the following?

True or False: Cyberbullying can be persistent, permanent and discreet (meaning teachers and parents can’t see or overhear cyberbullying).

True or false: The internet is a great place to socialize, and because it is completely online, everyone is safe.

Which of the following describes a credible source?

How would I tell Tracy to move forward 100 pixels?

When using the circle() command, what value do we put inside the parentheses?

When Tracy is facing right, from what location does she start drawing her circle?

Where does Tracy always start in the grid world?

What are the dimensions of Tracy’s world?

Which commands would move Tracy forward 100 pixels? A. forward(100) B. backward(-100) C. forward(-100)

How far does Tracy need to move from the starting position to reach the end of the right side of the canvas?

If you want Tracy to move forward 100 pixels without making a line, what set of commands should you write?

Tracy always starts facing which direction?

When the following for loop is complete, how many spaces will Tracy have moved?

for i in range(5): forward(10)

Suppose you write a function. How many times can you call the function in your code?

In which of the following situations would it be best to make a function?

Which of the following pieces of code will make Tracy do the following actions three times: go forward, change colors, and then turn around.

Suppose you want to make Tracy draw a mountain range,with five triangle "mountains" starting from the left side. Which of the following functions would be the most useful function to write in order to solve this problem?

Which of the following is NOT a command you can give to Tracy?

Which of the statements below is true about indentation in Python?

Which of the following is NOT a purpose of using functions?

What is the difference between defining and calling a function?

What does the number in the parentheses in a forward or backward command represent?

What control structure would be best to use in the following code?

backward(100) right(90) backward(100) right(90) backward(100) right(90) backward(100) right(90)

What shape will be drawn with the following command? circle(50, 360, 3)

How can we use variable to control the size of a circle?


Test your knowledge of cybersecurity and the Internet of Things with questions about data exchange, vulnerability to cyber attacks, the CIA triad, and digital footprints. Explore concepts related to online connectivity and security.

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