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It's a busy neighborhood with lots of activity.

There are only a few cars on the streets.

He enjoys playing in the playground near his home.

People decorate their flower gardens in the fall to make them beautiful.

He lives in the city.

He lives on Main Street.

He lives beside the police station.

What can be found in the park near the narrator's house?

Where is the hospital located?

What can be found on Main Street?

What do most of the neighbors have in their yards?

Emma visits the farmer's market every Sunday.

Emma bought a jar of strawberry jam.

The crafts at the market were machine-made.

Emma sat on a bench to listen to a pianist.

Sarah and Tom love picnics.

They packed sandwiches, fruits, and soda for the picnic.

Sarah fed the ducks at the pond.

They played catch with a frisbee.

They left the picnic area messy.

Sarah and Tom dislike picnics.

What did Sarah and Tom pack for their picnic.

What did Sarah feed the ducks.

How did Sarah and Tom feel after playing with the ball.

How did they leave the picnic area.

Where did Sarah and Tom go after the picnic.


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