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Guess Who? « I drank Turkish coffee in Turkey »

Guess Who? « I love futbol/Soccer »

Guess Who? « I play Golf »

Guess Who? « I played football (American) »

Guess Who? « I practice Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) »

Guess Who? « I won a medal from the Renaissance Francaise Association»

Guess Who? « I swam with the fishes in NFLD»

Guess Who? « I passed my driving test even though I ran a red light.... don't ask me how»

Guess Who? « Before doing my bachelor degree in actuarial science I did a profesional diploma to work as an electrician»

Guess Who? « I have 6-7 muscial instruments at home»

Guess Who? « I once defended a friend (who was dressed as a Kangooroo) from the police who were wrongfully accusing him of robbery»

Guess Who? « My youngest sister and I have a 17 years age gap»

Guess Who? « I've never seen Star Wars (Original trilogy)»

Guess Who? «I spent a week of school in the woods (french class on a mountain top, math class by the river, etc)»

Guess Who? «I love eating my vinegar chips with a glass of milk»

Guess Who? «I have 2 birthdays»

Guess Who? «I made a hole in one at 7 years old on a regular golf course»

Guess Who? «I have a collection of bar soap»

Guess Who? «I sucessfully climbed the Oratoire St-Joseph 283 steps on my knees 3 times as a dare»

Guess Who? «I am a certified English teacher in the UK»

Guess Who? «I can name most of the stars in the big dipper.»

Guess Who? «I am very good at drawing»

Guess Who? «I once solved a Rubiks Cube blindfolded while giving a presentation to 100+ people»

Guess Who? «I lived in three different continents»

Guess Who? «I hate Bok Chow»

Guess Who? «I auditioned for a TV show as a kid»

Guess Who? «I'm a DJ and a Barber outside of Intact»

Guess Who? «I started to play golf when I was only 5 years old.»

Guess Who? «I almost played in a movie»

Guess Who? «My first teeth were canines»

Guess Who? «My dog farts way too much!»

Guess Who? «I had a summer internship at a private military company»

Guess Who? «I sing really badly»

Guess Who? «I had a radio show for a summer when I was 10»

Guess Who? «I rode a donkey up the hills of Santorini»

Guess Who? «My favorite hobbies are to read and play video game.»

Guess Who? «I can identify and name more than 40 species of wild plants (in latin)»

Guess Who? «For far too long I mixed the words Akward and hardcore»

Guess Who? «I broke my leg skiing when I was younger»

Guess Who? «I once crashed a wedding (attending non-invited) and i asked the newly weds "who are the bride and groom ?"»

Guess Who? «I once crashed a wedding (attending non-invited) and i asked the newly weds "who are the bride and groom ?"»

Guess Who? «I love puzzles»


Test your knowledge on different hobbies and accomplishments by guessing the person based on their activities and achievements. From sports to cultural practices, this quiz covers a range of interests and accolades.

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