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What is the diet of a blue whale?


How much can a blue whale consume in a day?

40 million krill

What is the classification of a blue whale?


What is the primary threat to blue whales?

Ship strikes

How much can a blue whale weigh?

200 metric tons

Study Notes

  • The Blue Whale is a marine mammal that can be found in all of the oceans around the globe.

  • They prefer the deep ocean, and will migrate to the Equator as winter approaches.

  • They have a carnivore diet, and can consume as many as 40 million krill, or 8,000 pounds (3,600 kg) of it daily.

  • The blue whale was once hunted for whale oil, but their population has not grown back to previous levels.

  • Due to their size, the blue whale is relatively safe from predators.

  • Blue whales make few friends in the ocean, and prefer to live in solitude.

  • The blue whale is the world's largest animal and the loudest animal.

  • The blue whale has incredible hearing.

  • The blue whale forms bonds and has feelings.

  • A blue whale calf grows fast and has a huge appetite.

  • The blue whale resembles a well-known sea craft.

  • The steering equipment is relatively small on a blue whale.

  • Killer whales rarely attack adult blue whales, but may prey on young calves occasionally.

  • Ship strikes are a threat to blue whales, although relatively minor.

  • The blue whale is a large marine mammal that can reach lengths of over 30 meters.

  • The blue whale is the largest animal on earth and can weigh up to 200 metric tons.

  • The blue whale is found in the Pacific, Atlantic, and Indian Oceans.

  • The blue whale is a mammal and is classified as a cetacean.

  • The blue whale is known to feed on squid, small fish, and plankton.

  • The blue whale is one of the most endangered animals on earth and has been classified as a threatened species.

  • Studies suggest that reducing the speed limit of vessels in shipping lanes helps reduce strikes by 80%.

Test your knowledge about the world's largest marine mammal, the blue whale, with these interesting facts about their size, behavior, and habitat.

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