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Air moves from low pressure area to high pressure area and this movement is called Winds

As temperature on a piece of land increases, it makes the air rise, creating a low pressure area there

Speed of wind depends upon rotation of the earth

Direction of winds depends upon rotation of earth

In northern hemisphere the earth rotation is clockwise

Pilots aim to fly at top levels in head winds

At surface levels, pilots fly in head winds

While landing, if you fly in tail winds, you will not be able to stop the aircraft easily

Coldest layer in the atmosphere is called Mesosphere

Atmosphere is from sea level to 480km beyond which there is no earths gravitational pull

Jet streams move west to east and Gen. e while flying from USA, pilots aim to enter the jet stream core

Generally while flying westwards we face head winds

In troposphere temperature increases at the rate of almost 2 degree centigrade per 1000 ft

Ozone is present in Mesosphere


Test your knowledge about the formation and characteristics of wind, including the impact of temperature, air pressure, and the rotation of the Earth on wind patterns and speed.

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