60 HORNBILL 7. The Adventure Jayant Narlikar: Contextual Expressions

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Who would Professor Gaitonde most likely seek help from to understand the present state of affairs?

What did the Jijamata Express do considerably faster than the Deccan Queen?

What did Professor Gaitonde plan to do in Bombay as a historian?

What was the first stop for the Jijamata Express after leaving Pune?

What did the Anglo-Indian in uniform do at the small station called Sarhad?

What did Professor Gaitonde feel he should have done sooner as a historian?

What is the final destination of the train mentioned in the passage?

Who was speaking to Gangadharpant about reaching Peshawar?

What is the identity of the building facing Gangadharpant as he emerged from the station?

What did Gangadharpant find instead of Handloom House building?

Where did Khan Sahib plan to take the train to Peshawar from?

Which train station did the train stop at its destination according to the passage?

What did the blue carriages of the suburban rail traffic carry on the side?


Test your understanding of contextual expressions from '60 HORNBILL 7. The Adventure' by Jayant Narlikar. Infer the meaning of expressions like 'blow-by-blow account' and 'morale booster' from the given text.

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