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What is the main type of rocks used by Paleontologists and Geologists to discover ancient life forms?

Sedimentary rocks

Which era of the Geologic Time Scale began with the Cambrian Explosion and saw the rise of more complex animals in the oceans?

Paleozoic Era

During which era did smaller mammals survive and become dominant, marking the final era on the Geologic Time Scale?

Cenozoic Era

What is the span of the Precambrian Era in terms of years?

4.6 BYA to 542 MYA

What type of organisms were mainly present during the Precambrian Era?


Which era is known for the age of dinosaurs, where herbivores thrived and small mammals began to emerge?

Mesozoic Era

What process of fossilization involves hard parts being dissolved and replaced by other minerals like calcite, silica, pyrite, or iron?


Which type of fossilization involves the conversion of hard parts into more stable minerals or small crystals into larger ones?


How many ways of fossilization are mentioned in the text?

Six ways

Which method of dating fossils compares them to something for which an age is already known?

Relative dating

What is the purpose of knowing the age of fossils according to the text?

To establish their position in the Geologic Time Scale

Which process of fossilization involves molds and casts being formed after most of the organisms have been destroyed or dissolved?

Authigenic preservation

What are index fossils used for in relative dating?

To identify the time period within which a fossil lived

Why can carbon-14 only be used to date fossils younger than about 75,000 years?

Because carbon-14 decays too fast for older fossils

What type of dating considers the half-life of radioactive isotopes?

Radiometric dating

Why can faulting and tilting of rocks complicate relative dating using index fossils?

It alters the relative positions of rocks and fossils

What makes Potassium-40 ideal for dating older rocks and fossils?

It decays slowly, allowing for accurate dating of old rocks

Which type of dating involves studying the specific age span a fossil existed in?

Index dating

Test your knowledge on the 6 ways of fossilization, including unaltered preservation, permineralization, and replacement. Learn about how fossils like amber-trapped organisms and silica-replaced bones are formed.

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