Edgar Allan Poe's 'The Raven' Quiz



3 Questions

What is the bird's response when the speaker whispers "Lenore"?

What does the bird's response of "Nevermore" imply?

What is the man's reaction to the bird's response?


  • The speaker is sitting in a dark room, weak from lack of sleep, when they hear a tapping on the door.
  • The tapping is gentle, but the speaker assumes it is someone trying to get in.
  • The speaker opens the door and finds a Raven sitting on the bust of Pallas.
  • The Raven doesn't say anything and just sits there, until the speaker whispers "Lenore?"
  • The Raven then responds "Nevermore." and flies away.
  • The bird says "Nevermore" and the man doubts it is its only stock and store.
  • The bird tells the man that there is no balm in Gilead, which means that it is a place of sadness.
  • The man tells the bird that it can take its beak from out of his heart and form from off of his door.
  • The bird replies "Nevermore" and the man is disturbed by the response.
  • The man sits and thinks about what the bird has said and decides that it is true.
  • The man is sad and decides that he will never see the bird again.


Test your knowledge of Edgar Allan Poe's famous narrative poem 'The Raven' with this quiz. Answer questions about the events and themes in the poem to see how well you understand this classic work of literature.

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