3D Printing Fashion and Textiles Quiz

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What enabled the printing of flexible garments?

What did the woman print for the important event using 3D printers?

What type of project did the woman experiment with at school?

How many hours did it take to complete the entire fashion collection through printing?

What did the woman bring home to print continuously?

What did the woman print utilizing 3D printers at the technology conference?

What type of filament enabled the printing of flexible garments?

What was the first garment the woman printed using 3D printers?

Where did the woman learn 3D printing and experimented with filament?

What is the potential future of fashion according to the text?


  • Woman traveled for extended periods with only one suitcase of clothes
  • Attended important event and wanted to wear something new
  • Utilized 3D printers at technology conference to print skirt for event
  • Previously experimented with 3D printing fashion collection for senior project at school
  • Loved working from home and experimenting with materials for unique textiles
  • Encountered challenges with using big industrial printers for fashion projects
  • Introduced to Filaflex filament, which enabled printing of flexible garments
  • Found small makerspace to learn 3D printing and experimented with filament
  • Printed first garment, a red jacket with embedded word "Liberté"
  • Used open-source architectural pattern to create textile for clothing
  • Printed 1,500 hours to complete collection and brought six printers home to print continuously
  • Future of fashion could involve digital clothes that feel and look like traditional fabrics.


Test your knowledge about 3D printing in fashion and textiles with this quiz. Learn about the innovative use of 3D printers to create unique garments and the challenges and opportunities in the fashion industry.

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