21st Century Asian Literature: Background and Authors

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Which of the following is a main literary type mentioned in the text?


Who is the author of the work 'The Kite Runner'?

Khaled Hosseini

Which literary theory focuses on the structural aspects of a text?


In which region would you categorize Filipino literature?

Southeast Asian

Who wrote the work 'Motherhood'?

Taslima Nasrin

Which of the following is not a famous work by Charlson Ong?

'In the Midst of Hardship'

What literary concept approaches literature as a science, focusing on technical aspects like vocabulary, sounds, imagery, and narrative?

New Criticism

Which literary genre blurs the line between fantasy and reality, notably popularized by Alejo Carpentier as 'marvelous realism'?

Magical Realism

In which region did Magical Realism originate?

Latin America

Which literary movement rejects modernism's emphasis on novelty and emphasizes critique and variety over unity and tradition?


What is the main focus of Marxism?

Class conflict

Which literary movement originated with the Anglo-Saxons and Old English, encompassing epic pagan poems and Christian literature?

Anglo-American Literature

What is the characteristic of Latin American literature according to the given information?

Characterized by mysticism, magic, and creativity rooted in pre-Columbian traditions

Explore the diverse and rich landscape of Asian literature spanning East, Central, West, and Southeast Asia. Delve into the background, authors, and literary theories that shape this expansive and culturally significant body of work.

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