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What is the purpose of the free quiz templates mentioned in the text?

What can users do with the provided quiz templates?

What types of quiz categories are mentioned in the text?

What is the focus of the 'General Knowledge Quiz Questions' mentioned in the text?

What is the main benefit of using Mentimeter's quiz maker mentioned in the text?

What is the name of the elephant which serves as the mount of indra

What is the name of the elephant which serves as the mount of lord indra

Rabindra nath Tagore's ' Jana gana ' has been adopted as India's National anthem. How many stanzas of the said song were adopted

'pungi' is a dance from related to state of

In which festivals are boat races a special feature

Who is known as iron man of India

The word Satyamev jayate inscribed below the base plate of the emblem of India are taken from

When was Indian Navy act passed

Where was the first post office of India

Which state in India is known as God own world

Which is the largest public sector bank in India

It translates to jwel of India in English is India's largest highest civilian award

It is second highest civilian honour award of India

It is a highest award for military service

Award given by government of India for achivement in national sport

It is an military decoration from the battle feild

It is an highest award in cinema given by the government of India


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