2-Prong vs 3-Prong Electrical Outlets Quiz

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What is the main reason 2-prong electrical outlets are being phased out?

How can 3-prong electrical outlets prevent electrical shock?

What distinguishes a 20-amp electrical outlet (125 V) from a 3-prong outlet?

What is the recommended purpose of a 20-amp electrical outlet (125 V)?

How does the appearance of a 20-amp electrical outlet (250 V) differ from the 125-volt version?

2-prong electrical outlets are considered safe due to zero grounding.

3-prong electrical outlets are the standard for businesses and homes.

20-amp electrical outlets (125 V) are recommended for small home appliances like blenders and mixers.

20-amp electrical outlets (250 V) appear different from the 125-volt version.

20-amp electrical outlets (250 V) are suitable for appliances requiring a much higher voltage output.


Test your knowledge about 2-prong and 3-prong electrical outlets. Find out why 2-prong outlets are being phased out and the types of appliances suitable for them.

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