1979 Oval Test Analysis

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What was the man's sole reason for going out in the rain?

To enjoy the feeling of rain on his body

What did Lencho show upon seeing the money he received?

No surprise at all

Which sentence expresses the idea of total loss of leaves by trees?

The trees lost all their leaves

Who was the letter addressed to?

God himself

What was the purpose of the Rath Yatra festival in Puri?

To pull in lakhs of devotees and celebrate with processions

What cast a shadow on the festivities during the Rath Yatra in Puri?

Possible terror attack threat and stampede resulting in deaths

What is the common theme between bridal songs and cradle songs?

Both are associated with children.

How does the poet describe the wind of death?

As a symbol of sorrow and loss

What does the expression 'laughter of Sun' in the poem signify?


How is the 'world full of pleasure' interpreted in the poem?

As a place of joy and delight

What does the child describe as the 'wild forest'?

A forest full of danger

How does the poet compare forest notes with bridal songs and cradle songs?

As all being musical in nature

What was the intention of the selectors to pick Kapil for the Pakistan tour?

To strengthen the bowling attack

Why does any Captain love to have all the four leading allrounders in his team?

To have flexibility in team selection

What was Kapil's greatest triumph as Captain?

Winning the World Cup in 1983

Kapil Dev proved himself as _______________.

A match-winning bowler

Why does Kapil Dev not always capture wickets as expected?

Due to a lack of support from his teammates

Who were the leading all-rounders during that time?

Sunil Gavaskar and Kapil Dev

What did Kapil do in the 1979 Oval Test that resulted in him getting caught?

Tried to hit the first delivery out of the ground

How did Kapil approach his batting in the 1983 Prudential World Cup?

By calculating his shots and hitting only when necessary

What led to India's victory in the game against Zimbabwe in the 1983 World Cup?

Kapil's strategic leadership

How did Kapil's approach change when he realized he had reliable partners in the 1983 World Cup?

He launched a counter-attack

What made Kapil's innings in the 1983 World Cup memorable?

Playing cautiously and pushing the ball around

What does the author emphasize about cricket?

'Ifs' and 'buts' have no place in cricket.

How does acid rain affect the lakes and rivers?

Turns the water acidic and kills fish

What effect does acid rain have on soil nutrient content?

Washes away nutrients like potassium, calcium, and magnesium

Which animal species in Sweden is threatened by acid rain according to the text?

Pied Flycatcher and Apollo Butterfly

How does acid rain affect human health according to the passage?

Irritates eyes, lungs, and can cause skin lesions

What impact does acid rain have on buildings according to the text?

Destroys buildings by acidic smog

How have the old buildings in Athens been affected by acid rain?

Acid rain is eating into the marble of world-famous monuments

Study Notes

Language Practice

  • Sentences with negative words:
    • The trees lost all their leaves.
    • The letter was addressed to God himself.
    • The postman saw this address for the first time in his life.

Newspaper Report

  • Rath Yatra festival:
    • Held in Puri on June 22nd
    • Attracted lakhs of devotees
    • Featured a grand procession from Jagannath shrine to Gundicha temple
  • Threats and incidents:
    • Possible terror attack
    • Two pilgrims died in a stampede

Poem Analysis

  • Conversation between:
    • The mother and the daughter
  • The "honey child" goes to the wild forest
  • The child describes the wild forest as a place of music and happiness
  • Bridal songs and cradle songs are both related to pleasure and happiness
  • The poet describes happiness as "the laughter of the sun" and sorrow as "the wind of death"


  • Kapil Dev's performance:
    • Promoted in batting order in the 1979 Oval Test
    • Could have won the match with more experience
    • Led India to win the Prudential World Cup in 1983
    • Played an unforgettable innings against Zimbabwe
  • Kapil's greatest triumph:
    • Leading India to win the Prudential World Cup in 1983

Acid Rain

  • Effects on the environment:
    • Turns water in rivers and lakes acidic
    • Changes the soil's nutrient content
    • Kills large stretches of forests
    • Affects animal and bird habitats
  • Effects on human health:
    • Irritates eyes and lungs
    • Can cause skin lesions
  • Effects on buildings:
    • Eats into marble and causes damage to monuments

Test your knowledge on the 1979 Oval Test match with this quiz. Explore the details of Kapil Dev's performance and see if you can answer questions based on the text provided.

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