1.2 Industrial Society and Social Change

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What was a common issue faced by men, women, and children in factories during industrialization?

Long work hours

Why did liberals and radicals believe that individual effort and enterprise should be encouraged?

To ensure a healthy workforce and educated citizens

What did most industries belong to during the time discussed in the text?


What was a key belief held by liberals and radicals regarding the development of societies?

Societies would develop if freedom of individuals was ensured

What type of political groups did many working men and women support in the early nineteenth century?

Liberal and radical groups

Why did liberals and radicals oppose the privileges of the old aristocracy?

Belief in the value of individual effort and enterprise

What solution were liberals and radicals looking for to address the problems associated with industrialization?

Promoting worker welfare and education

What did nationalists, liberals, and radicals in the early nineteenth century want to achieve through revolutions?

End the rule of established governments in Europe in 1815

'If freedom of individuals was ensured, if the poor could labor, and those with capital could operate without restraint,' what did liberals and radicals believe would happen?

'Societal development would occur'

Explore the political trends, social changes, and economic impacts during the time of industrialisation and the Industrial Revolution. Learn about the challenges faced by men, women, and children in factories, as well as the search for solutions by liberals and radicals.

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