1,000 Words to Know in English Before Traveling

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Quel est le pronom sujet correspondant à 'nous'?


Quelle préposition signifie 'before'?


Quel est le pronom complément correspondant à 'you'?


Quel est le possessif correspondant à 'his'?

son / sa / ses

Quelle préposition signifie 'to'?


Which section of the text contains vocabulary related to food and restaurants?

p.77 Nourriture et restaurants

What is the French possessive corresponding to 'his'?


Which preposition means 'around' in French?

autour de

What are the French pronouns for 'you' and 'him' (complément)?

vous, lui

Which section of the text contains vocabulary related to nature and weather?

p.81 Le temps

Discover essential vocabulary for traveling in English with this book, which includes the top 1,000 words and provides a journey through the English language. Test your knowledge and prepare for your next trip with these invaluable words.

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