10 English Neologisms for Everyday Use

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What does the neologism 'LOL' stand for?

In what language is the neologism 'LOL' commonly used?

What is the main characteristic of neologisms?

What is the meaning of the neologism 'neologism'?

How are neologisms created?

Why are neologisms important for language learners?

What does 'yesn't' mean in Spanish?

What is the meaning of 'cellfish'?

What does 'internest' refer to?

What is a 'smombie' according to the text?

What does 'hotumn' describe?

What is 'destinesia' according to the text?

'Shero' refers to what type of heroes?

'Yesnt' is suggested as a replacement for which word in English?

'Hotumn' is associated with which season?

'Smombie' poses serious risks for what according to the text?


Language is constantly evolving, and new words emerge to reflect changes in society and culture. Explore the world of neologisms with this quiz and discover 10 English words that are gaining popularity in everyday conversations.

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