10 Competencies for Entrepreneurial Success

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Match the entrepreneurial competency with its description:

Integrity = A positive sense of values and personal beliefs, particularly in challenging situations Risk-taking = Anticipates future conflicts and knows how to solve problems in business organizations Decisiveness = Ability to make choices and resolve issues quickly Optimism = Thinking positively even when faced with unexpected problems

Match the entrepreneurial competency with its description:

Conceptual Thinking = Open to new approaches and analyzes ideas for significant improvements Collaboration = Working with people or groups to attain common goals and promote teamwork Strategic Thinking = Understanding and using strategies to accomplish goals in relevance to aims and objectives Commercial Aptitude = Being updated with developments in the locality and identifying business opportunities

Match the entrepreneurial competency with its description:

Customer Relations Service = Building trust and long-term relationships with customers People-centered = Motivating people and seeing and valuing the best in others

What is a key characteristic of an entrepreneur with the competency of integrity?

Having a positive sense of values

Which competency involves an entrepreneur's ability to work with others towards common goals?


What does an entrepreneur with strategic thinking understand and use to accomplish goals?


Which competency involves identifying opportunities based on local developments?

Commercial Aptitude

What is the role of an entrepreneur's decisiveness in business?

Resolve issues quickly

Why is customer relations service important for an entrepreneur?

To build trust and long-term relationships with customers

Which competency focuses on an entrepreneur's ability to motivate and value the best in others?


Test your knowledge on the 10 key competencies essential for entrepreneurial success. From integrity to risk-taking, this quiz covers the qualities and skills required for thriving in the business world.

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