The Renaissance Period: Art and Music

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What painting technique was developed during the Renaissance?

What instrument was popular during the Renaissance?

What type of songs were popular during the Renaissance?

What was the role of the church during the Renaissance?

What changed in art during the Renaissance?


  • The Renaissance period was a time of great change in Europe, with art and science flourishing.
  • One of the key changes during the Renaissance was the re-discovery of classical antiquity. This led to the 'human standard' returning, with subjects such as everyday life becoming interesting again.
  • Important painting techniques such as linear perspective and atmospheric perspective were developed during the Renaissance.
  • Rafael Santi's painting The School of Athens is a good example of the use of linear perspective. The two people emerging from the crowd are depicted in a realistic way, with lines representing their depth.
  • Sfumato is a technique in which parts of a painting are deliberately blurry, to give the impression of a hazy atmosphere.
  • The Renaissance was a time of great change in other art disciplines, with paintings such as landscape becoming more popular.
  • The Renaissance was a time of great change in art, with artists experimenting with new techniques and themes.
  • Italian artists were the pioneers of the Renaissance, and their works can be seen in architecture, sculpture, and painting.
  • Polyphony, or the use of multiple singers to create a complex sound, was a hallmark of Renaissance music.
  • Madrigals, or secular songs, were a popular form of music during the Renaissance.
  • The Renaissance saw the development of many important instruments, including the viola da gamba, lute, and organ.
  • During the Renaissance, classical antiquity was rediscovered and more interest was shown in it than in the Middle Ages.
  • The church will have a less present role during the Renaissance than in the Middle Ages, as society and discoveries have changed so much.
  • Painting during the Renaissance became more complex and text was less important than in the Middle Ages.
  • Sculpture during the Renaissance was more realistic and anatomically correct, with smooth and dreamy faces.
  • Music during the Renaissance became more polyphonic and worldly, with more text being less important than in the Middle Ages.
  • The Renaissance saw the popularity of instruments such as the organ and the lute.


Test your knowledge of the Renaissance period's impact on art and music, from the re-discovery of classical antiquity to the development of new techniques and musical forms.

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