US History and Politics: Civil Rights and Amendments

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What was the main goal of the Black Panthers' self-sufficiency efforts?

To provide essential services to Black communities

What was the main purpose of Amendment XXIV?

To outlaw poll taxes for voting

Who was the presidential candidate who was assassinated on June 5, 1968?

Robert F. Kennedy

What event in 1968 led to a rise in mistrust of President Lyndon B. Johnson?

The Tet Offensive

Who was the Chicago mayor who ordered the police to crack down on protesters during the 1968 Democratic National Convention?

Richard Daley

What percentage of the votes did Richard Nixon receive in the election?


Which of the following was a major criticism of Nixon's Vietnam War strategy?

It was too aggressive

What was the goal of the Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty (SALT-I) signed by Nixon?

To reduce the number of long-range ballistic missiles

What was the main reason for the decline of the Community Service Organizations (CSO) led by César Chávez?

Fear of socialist ideology

What was the main goal of Reies López Tijerina's La Alianza Federal de Mercedes?

To secure land grants for Mexican Americans

Who was the co-founder of the United Farm Workers along with César Chávez?

Dolores Huerta

Test your knowledge of the Civil Rights Movement, including the Black Panther Party's efforts towards self-sufficiency and the US government's response. This quiz also covers several key amendments to the US Constitution, including voting rights and presidential succession.

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