Understanding General and Specific Fitness

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Which type of muscle fibers are used for long periods of exercise and endurance sports?

Slow-twitch muscle fibers

What type of movements use fast-twitch muscle fibers?


What is the main function of sports drinks?

To keep hydrated with carbs and electrolytes

Which nutrient serves as a lubricant for the joints?


What is the main source of energy mentioned in the text?


How do energy drinks differ from sports drinks?

Sports drinks are stimulants with caffeine

What is the primary purpose of caloric maintenance?

To maintain current body weight

What is the caloric surplus associated with?

Eating beyond maintenance

Which diet is characterized as high protein-low carb and relies on animal meat?

Carnivorous diet

What is the primary function of intermittent fasting?

Weight loss

Which macronutrient serves as the main source of energy in the body?


What is the role of fats in the body according to the text?

Lubricant for the joints

What is the formula for calculating caloric deficit mentioned in the text?

$bodyweight(lbs) \times 10$

"Energy drinks are commonly associated with which of the following?"

$Caffeine for alertness and energy$

Learn about the difference between general and specific fitness, as well as the characteristics of fast-twitch and slow-twitch muscle fibers for different types of activities and sports.

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