Traditional Chinese Medicine: Heart and Small Intestine Differential Diagnoses

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What is the primary function of the Heart in traditional Chinese medicine?

To govern blood and vessels

Which of the following symptoms is NOT associated with Heart Qi deficiency?


What is the characteristic tongue appearance in Heart Yang deficiency?

Pale, swollen tongue with white, smooth coat

Which pattern is characterized by cyanosis of the lips and a hidden pulse?

Heart Yang collapse

What is the main causes of Heart blood deficiency?

All of the above

Which of the following symptoms is associated with Phlegm-Fire harassing the Heart?

Mental restlessness and palpitations

What is the primary characteristic of Heart Fire?

Interior heat excess and thirst

Which pattern is associated with a wiry and slippery pulse?

Phlegm-Fire harassing the Heart

What is the typical manifestation of Heart Qi stagnation in the tongue?

Slightly purple tongue on the sides in the anterior 1/3

Which of the following symptoms is associated with Heart blood stagnation?

Stabbing pain in the heart region

Test your knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine as it relates to the heart and small intestine. This quiz covers the governing functions, manifestations, and deficiency symptoms of the heart and its relationships to other organs. Learn about the physical and mental symptoms associated with heart Qi deficiency and more.

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