TMF2034 Chapter 4 Normalization of Database Tables (Part 1) Quiz

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What is the main objective of the normalization process?

To ensure that each table conforms to well-formed relations

In normalization, what does it mean for an attribute to be fully functionally dependent on a composite key?

The attribute is dependent on the primary key and other nonprime attributes

What is a transitive dependency in the context of functional dependencies?

When there are functional dependencies such that X → Y, Y → Z, and X is the primary key

What is the primary goal of 1st Normal Form (1NF)?

To eliminate repeating groups

What does it mean to convert a table to First Normal Form (1NF)?

Eliminate the repeating groups

In the context of functional dependencies, what is a partial dependency?

When there is a functional dependence in which the determinant is only part of the primary key

What does it mean for an attribute to be fully functionally dependent (composite key)?

The attribute is fully functionally dependent on the primary key and other nonprime attributes

What should be done to achieve Second Normal Form (2NF) from First Normal Form (1NF)?

Identify all candidate keys and all dependencies

What is the process for evaluating and correcting table structures to minimize data redundancies?


Which form is better than 1NF but may still contain transitive dependencies?


What is the highest level of normalization which is not always the most desirable?


Which process produces a lower normal form, leading to increased performance but greater data redundancy?


Which of the following anomalies does normalization aim to eliminate?

Data redundancy

In what context is denormalization used while designing and re-designing a database structure?

To improve performance

Which normal form is better than 2NF and aims to remove partial dependencies?


Which of the following is a characteristic of denormalization?

Increased data redundancy

Test your understanding of the normalization of database tables with this quiz based on the learning objectives from TMF2034 Chapter 4. Evaluate your knowledge of different anomalies in the database state, applying first, second, and third normal forms, BCNF, fourth normal form, and the need for denormalization.

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