Tips for Consistent Exercise Routine

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What are the 5 Cs that learners are expected to acquire in the module?

Communication, Collaboration, Creativity, Critical Thinking, and Character

What is the purpose of the 'Notes to the Teacher' box in the module?

To provide tips or strategies to assist teachers in guiding learners

What is expected of facilitators in relation to learners' progress?

To keep track of progress while allowing learners to manage their own learning

What is the purpose of the 'Pretest' in the module?

To measure prior knowledge about the lesson

What is the role of learners as described in the module?

To be guided and independently learn at own pace and time

Which part of the module provides a review of concepts and skills from a previous lesson?


What is stress?

A reaction of the body and mind to unkind or challenging life incidents

How does stress affect individuals?

Triggers feelings of anxiety

What is 'eustress'?

A positive influence on productivity and satisfaction

How does the text describe stress in the context of the environment?

As a nonspecific response to any demand

What is the main purpose of the program strategies mentioned in the text?

To motivate and empower individuals in carrying out programs

Why do most people consider stress as a negative experience according to the text?

Because it triggers feelings of anxiety and discomfort

What does a total score of 0 - 25 on the scale provided suggest?

You are probably in great shape.

Which symptom is NOT mentioned in the list provided as a sign of distress?

Regular exercise routine

What behavior indicates an individual may be engaging in risky actions?

Taking unnecessary risks hazardous to health and safety

Which psychological state is associated with feeling overwhelmed and helpless?

Feeling hopeless

Which sign indicates potential chronic tension-linked pain according to the text?

Neck pain and fidgeting

What is a possible consequence of using alcohol and drugs excessively for coping?

Decline in class performance

What level of stress does a score of 60 suggest?

Moderate to high degree

How many stressful situations are students required to list in Activity 2?


Which range of score suggests you may be experiencing a very high degree of stress?

76 - 100

What is the term used to describe positive stress?


In Activity 3, how many sports activities are students required to list?


What is recommended regarding exercise frequency?

Walk 15-20 minutes daily rather than waiting for the weekend

Which terminology needs to be explained as part of the lesson wrap-up?


Which type of people may prefer classes and group activities for exercise?

Extroverted individuals

What is the advised approach for sedentary individuals when starting a new exercise program?

Be patient and allow 4-8 weeks to feel coordinated and in shape

What is a suggested way to make exercising more enjoyable?

Listening to audiobooks, podcasts, or music while exercising

Why is recruiting an 'exercise buddy' recommended?

To have someone committed to the exercise routine

What is a common reason why many find it more enjoyable to exercise while listening to something they like?

To enjoy the activity more

Learn about the benefits of setting small daily exercise goals and prioritizing consistency over intensity. Discover how finding enjoyable forms of exercise and different preferences for extroverted and introverted individuals can help maintain a regular fitness routine. Get insights on distractions like listening to audiobooks during workouts.

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