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Which model helps to predict why individuals adopt (or fail to adopt) different health behaviors?

The Health Belief Model

What are the factors that influence change according to the text?

Personal characteristics, media messages, and self-efficacy

What are the limitations of the Health Belief Model?

It is limited to explaining health behaviors only in relation to an individual's knowledge, attitudes, ideas, and beliefs

According to the Social Cognitive Theory, what is the capacity to learn by observing both the behavior of others and the rewards received for different behaviors called?

Observational learning

What is the most important prerequisite for change according to the Social Cognitive Theory?

Self efficacy

Which stage of behavior change involves complete cessation and a turning away from the original behavior?


What is the term used to describe the way in which an individual, their environment, and their behavior continuously interact and influence each other?

Reciprocal determinism

What are some perceived barriers to physical activity?

Lack of time

What does the Health Belief Model illustrate?

The importance of an individual's beliefs about health

What are the determinants of behavior change?

All of the above

What is a limitation of the Theory of Reasoned Action and Planned Behaviour?

It doesn't address the time frame between intention and action

According to Social Cognitive Theory (SCT), what are the 4 main sources to developing self-efficacy?

Mastering experiences, vicarious experiences, social persuasion, reducing stress reactions

How does exposure to lack of perceived control affect our susceptibility to illness according to SCT?

It increases our susceptibility to illness

What role do normative influences play in regulating our behavior according to SCT?

Normative influences regulate our behavior through anticipation of social consequences

How does SCT view the role of health professions in behavior change?

Health professions play less of an intervening role and are 'change agents'

Which cells control tendon metabolism and respond to mechanical stimuli?


What is the role of collagen in tendons?

To sustain large tensile loads

What surrounds tendons and forms a sheath that enhances gliding?


What is the main function of the acetabular labrum in the hip joint?

To stabilize the hip joint during abduction and rotation

Which factor does NOT affect vascularity and healing capabilities of tendons?

Levels of physical activity

What is the recommended range of motion for hip flexion in daily activities?

At least 120 degrees

Which joint structure in the knee has the largest motion in the sagittal plane?

Tibiofemoral joint

Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of elastin in tendons and extremity ligaments?

It helps protect spinal nerve roots.

What is the role of ground substance in tendons and ligaments?

It stabilizes collagen and contributes to overall strength.

What is the main difference between tendons and ligaments?

Tendons have parallel collagen fibers, while ligaments do not.

What is the biomechanical property of the ligamentum flavum that allows it to elongate before stiffness increases?

Greater portion of elastic fibers

Which phase of the gait cycle accounts for approximately 65% of the cycle?

Stance phase

What is the term used to describe the length between an event on one side until the same event on the other side?

Step length

Which joint is positioned below the ankle joint and allows the foot to adapt to uneven terrain?

Subtalar joint

What is the most common gait abnormality seen in stroke patients?

Hemiplegic gait

Which movement at the ankle and foot involves a combination of plantar flexion, adduction, and inversion?


What is the study of pressure fields acting between the plantar surface of the foot and a supporting surface called?


What percentage of body weight can peak forces placed on the foot reach during running?


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