The Pit to Power

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What did Joseph dream about in his second dream?

The sun and the moon bowing down to him

Where did Joseph's brothers plan to kill him?


Who suggested that they should not kill Joseph?


What did the man who found Joseph ask him?

What are you looking for?

Why did Joseph's brothers hate him?

For his dreams and his words

What did Joseph's brothers do when they saw that their father loved him more than them?

They couldn't speak peaceably to him

How did Joseph's father show his favoritism towards him?

He made him a tunic of many colors

What did Joseph's dream reveal to his brothers?

That they would bow down to him

What was Joseph doing when he brought an evil report of his brothers to their father?

Feeding the flock

Why did Israel love Joseph more than his other children?

Because he was the son of his old age

What was the name of Judah's first son with the daughter of Shua?


Why did Yahweh kill Er?

Er was wicked in Yahweh's sight

What did Judah ask Onan to do after Er died?

Perform the duty of a husband's brother to Tamar

Why did Onan spill his semen on the ground when he went in to Tamar?

He didn't want to give offspring to his brother

What did Judah think Tamar was when he saw her sitting in the gate of Enaim?

A prostitute

What did Tamar ask Judah for as a pledge before agreeing to sleep with him?

A young goat

What did Tamar use as evidence to prove that Judah was the father of her child?

A signet, cords, and staff

What was Judah's initial punishment for Tamar when he found out she was pregnant?


What was the name of the child born first, with a scarlet thread tied to his hand?


What did Judah admit to Tamar after she presented him with the evidence of his signet, cords, and staff?

That she was more righteous than him

What did Joseph's brothers do with him when they saw him coming towards them?

They threw him into an empty pit

Who suggested to sell Joseph to the Ishmaelites?


What did Joseph's brothers do to deceive their father into thinking Joseph was dead?

They dipped Joseph's tunic in goat's blood and showed it to their father

Who bought Joseph from the Ishmaelites?


Why did Reuben tear his clothes when he returned to the pit?

Because he discovered that Joseph was not in the pit

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