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Which group of Jewish people came to Britain in the late 1800s due to facing problems and limited financial resources?

Jewish people from Eastern Europe

What was the name of the largest school in Europe by 1900 that taught Jewish children regular subjects and religious studies?

The Jews Free School (JFS)

Which areas in London did Jewish people live in at the start of the 1900s?

Spitalfields, Whitechapel, Aldgate, and Mile End

Who started Leket Israel and why?

Joseph Gitler started Leket Israel after witnessing food waste and hunger in the community.

What type of food does Leket Israel rescue?

Leket Israel rescues fruits, vegetables, and cooked meals.

What does Leket Israel do with the rescued food?

Leket Israel sorts, stores, and prepares the rescued food for delivery. It is stored overnight and reheated the following morning for delivery of a hot lunch.

Who receives the rescued food from Leket Israel?

The food rescued by Leket Israel is distributed to various organizations, including homeless shelters, soup kitchens, elderly centers, battered women's centers, community help organizations, and schools for at-risk youth.

What was the story of Kamtza and Bar Kamtza about?

The Talmud tells of a man who wanted to throw a party for all his friends, so he drew up a guest list and instructed his servant to send out the invitations. One of the men on the guest list was named "Kamtza," but the servant made a mistake and invited "Bar Kamtza" instead.

What happened in the end of the story?

Bar Kamtza got angry and took revenge by speaking negatively about the Jews to the Romans and as a result causing the Temple to be destroyed

What is Sinat Chinam?

Hatred without a reason.

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Test your knowledge on the Jewish community in London and their historical origins. Explore the migration patterns and settlements of Jewish people from various regions, and learn about their contributions to the city's workforce.

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