Teeth Arrangement and Occlusion Fundamentals Quiz

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What is the definition of centric relation?

The position of mandible where condyles are in their most retruded position relative to maxilla

What does the term 'occlusal plan' refer to?

The imaginary plane touching the occlusal surfaces of dental arches

How is centric occlusion defined?

The maximal intercuspation between maxillary and mandibular teeth obtained by dental arches position, but not dependent on muscles or jawbone relation

What does the term 'jaw relations' refer to?

Horizontal and vertical relations of the jaws

What is the function of protrusive relation in occlusion?

To position the mandible forward for activities such as swallowing and speaking

Test your knowledge of the concepts and fundamentals of teeth arrangement and occlusion in oral biology. This quiz covers recognizing occlusion concepts, identifying occlusion fundamentals, differentiating between normal and abnormal occlusion, and discussing teeth arrangement in various occlusal relations.

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