Dental Anatomy Lecture: Oral Biology and Teeth Morphology

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What is the study of the morphology of teeth in humans related to?

The shape of teeth

Which landmarks are part of the oral cavity?

Uvula and glosso-palatine arch

What divides each dental arch into two equal right and left halves?


Which arch is also known as Mandible?

Lower dental arch

How many quadrants are there in the oral cavity?


What is the space between the teeth and lips/cheeks called?

Oral vestibule

Which type of teeth are considered anterior teeth?


During the mixed dentition period, which teeth shed and are replaced by permanent teeth?

Incisors and canines

What is the dental formula for the primary dentition in one half of the oral cavity?


Which type of teeth are designed for grinding during mastication?


How many teeth are present in the permanent dentition period in each quadrant?


What are the successors or succedaneous teeth that replace deciduous incisors, canines and molars called?


At what age does the mixed dentition period, also known as the 'Ugly Duckling stage', occur?

6 - 12 years

How many incisors are there in each quadrant of the primary dentition period?


Which type of tooth has at least two projections (cusps) for tearing and grinding during mastication?


'Ugly Duckling stage' refers to which period of dentition?

$Mixed dentition period$

In dental anatomy terminology, which of the following is a general dental term?


How many permanent central incisors are present in the lower right quadrant of the oral cavity?


Which numbering system is used for the deciduous teeth?

Alphabetic system

What is the function of the first permanent molar in the oral cavity?

Holding and stabilizing food

In the Palmer Notation System, how are permanent teeth numbered from the midline on the upper right quadrant?


According to the international numbering system, how are the two digits used to code the permanent dentition?

Quadrant on the left, tooth number on the right

What does the sign '#' represent in the universal numbering system for permanent teeth?


How are deciduous teeth lettered in the Palmer Notation System?

E-A and A-E

Which coding system uses a sign and a number/letter to label teeth?

Palmer Notation System

In the Palmer Notation System, what numbers are used to label permanent teeth in the upper left quadrant?


How are deciduous teeth numbered in the universal numbering system?


According to the international numbering system, which side does 'U.R.' represent?

Upper right

For permanent teeth, which coding system uses numbers formed of two digits?

The international numbering system

In the universal numbering system, what does 'tooth number/letter' refer to?

Sign before each tooth number/letter

According to Palmer Notation System, how are permanent teeth numbered from the midline on the upper left quadrant?


What is indicated by 'A' in deciduous teeth coding systems?

Deciduous central incisor

How is quadrant information represented in the international numbering system for permanent dentition?

First digit of code indicating quadrant

This lecture covers the study of dental anatomy, focusing on the morphology, form, color, and function of human teeth. It also delves into the relationship between teeth within the same jaw and with those in the other jaw, as well as facial and oral cavity landmarks.

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