SMBPO 101 Module 4: Managing Outsourcing Transitions Quiz

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What is the role of a Transition Manager?

Migrating functions from the client to the service provider

Which methodology is commonly used in transition strategies and knowledge transfer framework?

Lift and Shift

What is the primary focus of the 'Re-engineer and Migrate' strategy?

Rethinking and redesigning business processes

What does 'Technology Readiness' measure in transition management?

Enabling hardware and software readiness

What does 'Manpower Readiness' measure in transition management?

Hiring, training, and skilling of the operating staff

Which aspect is a critical success factor in transition management?

Ensuring technology readiness

What is the purpose of a Service Level Agreement (SLA)?

To formalize an agreement between client and service provider for common understanding

Which phase of Work Shadowing involves the transfer of output to a different performer?

Go-live Hand-Offs

What does the term 'Scale' refer to in a business context?

The ability to multiply revenue with minimal increase in costs

What is the primary role of Supervision in a business context?

Guiding, instructing, and correcting someone in the process

What is the purpose of Data Enrichment as one of the reasons for Go-live Hand-Offs?

To add data to the transaction

What is the main role of Inputs in a business context?

Refers to any information or data sent to a computer for processing

What does 'Processes' refer to in a business context?

A series of progressive and interdependent steps by which an end is attained

What is the function of Communication in a business context?

Sending and receiving of information between people or groups

What is the main purpose of Proper Documentation according to the text?

To have a smooth and effective transition

Test your knowledge on managing outsourcing transitions in the context of SMBPO 101 Module 4. This quiz covers topics such as transition management, transition manager roles, and transition strategies.

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