Small Animal Safety

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Which of the following diseases can be transmitted from animals to humans?


What is the 'one bite' rule?

A rule that states animals can bite once without consequences

Which animals are identified and quarantined if they have rabies?

Bats and feral carnivores

What is one way to prevent becoming infected with zoonoses?

Avoiding contact with small animals

Which disease is NOT mentioned as a zoonosis in the text?

Lyme disease

What are some common symptoms of Lyme disease?

Muscle aches and joint pain

What is the main topic of Chapter 2 in the text?

The importance of safety when working with small animals

What is one of the risks of working with small animals mentioned in the text?

Exposure to ticks and Lyme disease

What is the recommended treatment for Rocky Mountain spotted fever?


What is the purpose of preexposure vaccinations mentioned in the text?

To prevent the transmission of zoonoses to humans

Which of the following is NOT a risk associated with small animals?

Chemical exposure

What is the recommended concentration of DEET for persons at high risk?

20 to 30 percent

Which animals are mentioned as normal intermediate hosts for alveolar hydatid disease?

Fox, coyotes, and mice

What is the recommended method to prevent prolonged restraint of small animals?

Avoid prolonged restraint

Which type of animals are known to inflict injury with their hind legs?


What is the recommended method of physical restraint for rats and mice?

Using special restraining boxes

Which of the following is NOT recommended as part of general safety guidelines?

Consuming food or drinks in contaminated areas

What is the purpose of safety data sheets?

To provide safe handling procedures

What is the main focus of the text?

Preventing accidents when working with small animals

What is the best way to prevent most injuries and accidents when working with small animals?

All of the above

Test your knowledge on safety when working and playing with small animals. Learn about the importance of safety, common diseases transmitted from animals to humans, guidelines for handling dangerous chemicals, and preventing infection.

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