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Science 6: Weather Conditions and Factors

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What is the instrument used to measure relative humidity?


What is the average temperature on Earth at sea level?


What does humidity measure?

Moisture in the air

What is the main purpose of a weather forecast?

To inform about expected weather conditions

What element of weather does a thermometer measure?


What happens when the atmosphere's temperature is high?

The water on Earth's surface evaporates more rapidly

What does a barometer measure?

Pressure changes

In which type of areas do most storms occur?

Low-pressure areas

What instrument is used to measure wind velocity?


What is the force of the air on a given surface divided by the area of that surface called?

Air pressure

What are tiny droplets of water suspended in the air called?


Which season is characterized by the rainy season with thunderstorms in the Philippines?

Wet season

What is used to gather and measure the amount of liquid precipitation over an area?

Rain gauge

What is the average range of wind speed near Earth's surface?

$8$ to $24$ km/h

What type of air mass affects the Philippines from November to February?

Cool and dry air mass

Which monsoon brings heavy rains and typhoons to the area with the highest precipitation in the Philippines?

Southwest Monsoon

What is the main characteristic of the dry season in the Philippines?

Hot and cloudless days

What factor contributes to the Philippines' climate being generally dry between January and May?

Seasonal Northeast Monsoon

What geographical factor contributes to the Philippines receiving vertical rays of sunlight?

Location north of the equator

What is a prevalent wind pattern that influences the weather in the Philippines?

Northeast Monsoon (Amihan) and Southwest Monsoon (Habagat)

What causes much water to evaporate and later fall as rain in the Philippines?

Sun's heat from receiving vertical rays of sunlight

What occurs when El Niño happens?

Weather becomes warmer than normal

Which unusual weather pattern makes the weather colder than normal?

La Niña

How does global warming typically affect weather changes?

Increases the frequency of extreme weather events

What is the main focus of studying weather patterns in a specific area?

Preparing for potential weather-related disasters

Which of the following best describes the adverse effects of severe weather?

Displacement of communities and infrastructure damage

How can individuals show compassion to victims of natural calamities?

By providing emotional support and practical help

What is a phrase that could summarize the impact of severe weather disturbances?

'Adaptation is key in overcoming challenges.'

How does La Niña differ from El Niño in terms of temperature changes?

El Niño leads to colder temperatures while La Niña leads to warmer temperatures.

How do natural calamities often impact communities in the Philippines?

Cause great damage and displace individuals

What is the primary focus of a study on weather patterns?

Weather-related disaster preparedness

Study Notes

Air Pressure

  • Air pressure is the force of the air on a given surface divided by the area of that surface.
  • High-pressure areas are regions with higher pressure than the surroundings.
  • Low-pressure areas are regions with lower pressure than the surroundings.
  • Most storms occur in low-pressure areas, like in the ocean during summer.
  • Barometer is used to measure air pressure.


  • Wind is the horizontal movement of air.
  • Wind speed has an average range from 8 to 24 km/h near Earth’s surface and can be higher during intense storms.
  • Anemometer is used to measure wind velocity and a wind vane is used to determine the direction of the wind.


  • Clouds are tiny droplets of water suspended in the air.
  • Clouds are formed as warm air rises and cools.


  • Precipitation is water that falls to the earth in solid or liquid form, like rain, snow, sleet, or hail.
  • Rain gauge is an instrument used to measure the amount of liquid precipitation over an area in a predefined area, over a period of time.

Seasons and Weather Patterns in the Philippines

  • The Philippines has a warm and humid climate all year round.
  • The Philippines has two pronounced seasons: wet and dry.
  • Wet season is characterized by the rainy season with thunderstorms, starting in June and peaking in July and September.
  • Dry season is characterized by hot and cloudless days, between January and May, with occasional rain showers.

Factors Affecting the Seasons of the Philippines

  • Location of the Philippines near the equator affects the seasons.
  • Prevailing winds, such as the Southwest Monsoon (Habagat) and Northeast Monsoon (Amihan), affect the seasons.
  • Air masses that pass over the Philippines, such as warm air masses from the Equatorial Oceans, affect the weather.

Unusual Weather Patterns

  • El Niño occurs when the weather pattern makes the weather warmer than normal.
  • La Niña occurs when the weather pattern makes the weather colder than normal.

Weather Forecast

  • Weather forecast is a statement of expected weather conditions in a given region over a period of one hour to a few days in advance.
  • Meteorologists use weather instruments to analyze weather elements and make forecasts.

Weather Elements and Instruments

  • Temperature is the measure of the degree of hotness or coldness of the air.
  • Humidity is a measure of moisture present in the air.
  • Hygrometer is used to measure relative humidity.

Learn about weather conditions, factors affecting weather, and the dangers of severe weather in this quiz. Prepare yourself for traveling to the Philippines by understanding how weather changes and its impact on day-to-day activities.

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