Respiratory Physiology and Clinical Laboratory Tests Quiz

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Which of the following sets of changes best describes a Himalayan native living in the Himalayas compared to a sea-level native living at sea level?

Hematocrit increased, Arterial PO2 decreased, Arterial PO2 decreased

What is the alveolar PO2 of the aviator (in mmHg)?


Before traveling to a higher altitude with acetazolamide use, what would be the expected response?

Elevated ventilation

Regarding a healthy recreational scuba diver at a depth of 66 ft in the Philippine Sea, which of the following statements is true?

Increased risk of decompression sickness at that depth

What is the typical tonicity of the tubular fluid passing through the lumen of the early distal tubule near the macula densa?


What change would you expect in the inulin clearance per plasma concentration ratio in a man at rest with severe prostatic obstruction?

It will decrease

Which of the following is an expected change in a dehydrated person deprived of water for 24 hours?

Increased plasma atrial peptide concentration

In which nephron segment is magnesium reabsorption primarily occurring?

Ascending limb of loop of Henle

In a 26-year-old man with glomerulonephritis and a 50% decrease in GFR, which substance would have the greatest increase in plasma concentration?


What is the expected response in terms of blood pH for a person planning to leave sea level and travel to higher altitude?

Alkalotic blood

What would be the anticipated change in ventilation for a person planning to ascend to 14,500 ft?

Increased ventilation

During recreational scuba diving at 66 ft in the Philippine Sea, what is true about a healthy diver's arterial PO2?

Decreased PO2

How would acetazolamide affect the kidneys before a person's trip to a higher altitude?

Increased bicarbonate excretion

What change would be observed in hematocrit levels in a Himalayan native compared to a sea-level native?

Increased hematocrit

In an aviator breathing 100% oxygen, what would be the expected alveolar PO2 based on the provided information?


For a healthy recreational scuba diver at a depth of 66 ft, what change occurs in arterial PO2?

Decreased arterial PO2

Test your knowledge on respiratory physiology and clinical laboratory tests with this quiz. Identify statements related to lung capacity and blood gas levels, and practice solving questions based on clinical test results such as urine flow rate and inulin concentrations.

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