Requirements Gathering in Software Development

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What happens after John submits his course registration form?

The system confirms that the courses he has selected are available and fit within his program requirements.

Why does Samantha select 'schedule conflict' as a reason for dropping a course?

Because she wants to drop a course due to a schedule conflict.

What happens to Samantha's course enrollment record after she submits the change?

It is updated to reflect the course drop and addition.

How does Emily request a copy of her official transcript?

She logs into the Student Record Management System and navigates to the transcript request section.

What happens after Emily confirms her transcript request?

The system confirms her request and sends an electronic copy of her transcript to the designated recipient.

What is the purpose of Samantha selecting a reason for dropping a course?

To provide a valid reason for changing her course enrollment.

What does the system do after John receives a confirmation email with his class schedule?

Nothing, as the process is complete.

Why does Emily pay the associated fee for her transcript request?

Because it is a processing fee for the transcript request.

What happens to Samantha's course fees after she drops a course?

A refund is issued for the dropped course.

What is the purpose of the Student Record Management System?

To manage student course enrollments and records.

This quiz covers the importance of requirements, types of requirements, data gathering techniques, and task analysis in software development. It aims to understand users' needs and produce stable requirements.

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