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Which chapter of the Act deals with provisions regarding rent and standard rent?

Chapter II – Provisions Regarding Rent

According to the Act, under what circumstances is a landlord not allowed to recover rent in excess of standard rent?

When the rent is in excess of standard rent, as defined by the Act

What is the provision for protection of tenants against eviction under the Act?

Chapter III – Control of Eviction of Tenants, specifically Section 14

What are the restrictions on sub-letting as per the Act?

Section 16: Restrictions on sub­letting.

Under what circumstances can a tenant get the benefit of protection against eviction?

Section 15 outlines the circumstances when a tenant can get the benefit of protection against eviction.

Test your knowledge of the provisions of the Rent Control Act with this quiz. From short titles to standard rent regulations, this quiz covers various aspects of the Act.

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