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What is the main objective of quantity surveying?

To get estimates of any civil engineering work

What is the purpose of preliminary cost estimate?

To provide a general estimate of a project's level of effort and cost

What does quantity surveying provide information on?

Cost of the project

What does order of magnitude cost estimate provide?

A general estimate of a project's level of effort and cost

What does the classification of cost estimate aim to assist in?

Accurate preparation of tenders

Study Notes

Quantity Surveying Objectives

  • The main objective of quantity surveying is to control and manage the cost of a construction project from inception to completion.

Cost Estimation

  • The purpose of a preliminary cost estimate is to provide an initial rough estimate of the project cost, helping clients and stakeholders make informed decisions about project feasibility.

Information Provided by Quantity Surveying

  • Quantity surveying provides information on the cost, quantity, and quality of materials, labor, and equipment required for a construction project.

Order of Magnitude Cost Estimate

  • An order of magnitude cost estimate provides a rough estimate of the project cost, typically within a range of -25% to +75%, to help clients and stakeholders make initial decisions about project viability.

Classification of Cost Estimate

  • The classification of cost estimate aims to assist in assessing the accuracy and reliability of the estimate, with different classifications (e.g., rough order of magnitude, semi-detailed, detailed) indicating varying levels of precision and reliability.

Test your knowledge of quantity surveying with this quiz. Explore the definitions of key terms and concepts related to calculations, expenses, and project estimates in construction work. This quiz aims to assess your understanding of the main objectives and importance of quantity surveying in civil engineering projects.

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