Qualitative vs Quantitative Research Methods

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What is the main purpose of an ethnographic study?

The main purpose is the development of cultural theories.

Describe the focus of a case study.

A case study involves an in-depth examination of an individual, a group of people, or an institution.

What does discourse analysis focus on?

Discourse analysis focuses on the approach in which language is used in texts and contexts.

How do quantitative studies differ from qualitative studies in terms of data collection?

Quantitative studies rely on numerical or measurable data, while qualitative studies rely on personal accounts or detailed documents.

What type of data do quantitative studies rely on?

Quantitative studies rely on numerical or measurable data.

What types of data do qualitative studies rely on?

Qualitative studies rely on personal accounts or documents that illustrate in detail how people think or respond within society.

What is the key characteristic of an ethnographic study?

The researcher immerses with subjects and becomes involved with activities exemplifying their cultural practices.

Why do researchers conduct case studies?

Researchers conduct case studies to gain insights into little-known problems, provide background data for broader studies, and explain socio-psychological and socio-cultural processes.

Explain the purpose of discourse analysis.

Discourse analysis looks at how language is used in texts and contexts to construct meaning and shape understanding.

What is the focus of qualitative research?

Qualitative research focuses on understanding experiences, perceptions, and behaviors from the perspective of the participants.

Learn about the differences between qualitative and quantitative research methods, including their data collection techniques. Explore common types of qualitative research used in various fields of study.

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