Preparing Cut Parts of Garments - Introduction

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What is the main difference between ironing and pressing?

Ironing involves sliding motion while pressing involves up-and-down motions.

When should garments be pressed according to the text?

When there are creases affecting sewing accuracy.

Why should you avoid pressing directly on zippers according to the text?

To avoid damaging the zipper by melting it.

What cautionary measure is advised regarding iron temperature by the text?

Test the heat on a piece of fabric before pressing.

Why is it important to test fabric by experimenting on a scrap according to the text?

To understand how each fabric will react to pressing.

What is the purpose of pinning cut parts of a garment?

To keep pieces together

Why is it important to separate big units from small units when preparing cut parts?

To avoid confusion during sewing

What should be avoided when pinning the cut parts of a garment?

Placing the hand under the fabric

What is the main difference between pressing and ironing during garment construction?

The purpose of maintaining shape

How should cut parts be positioned on the table when preparing them?


Learn about preparing, pinning, and pressing cut parts of garments according to specified designs. This lesson covers the key points in preparing cut parts of garments along with assessing criteria for pinning and pressing.

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