Pattern Manipulation Steps in Garment Design

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What is the first step in manipulating a pattern for sleeping garments?

Determine the design needed in sleeping garments.

What is the purpose of providing seam and hem allowances in the final pattern?

To guide the fabric cutter and the sewer.

Why is pressing the pattern pieces with a dry iron recommended?

To make sure you have a workable layout.

What are the general guidelines for laying out a pattern on fabric?

Be sure you have all the necessary pattern pieces.

What does the term 'final patterns' consist of?

All the necessary symbols, number of pieces per part, and garment design.

What is the recommended method to ensure the fabric grain is straight?

Folding lengthwise and matching selvages to check if the ends match

What should be done if the fabric needs to be straightened?

Gently pull on the fabric's width from opposite corners

How should pattern pieces with straight arrows be positioned?

Parallel to the selvage to ensure straightness

What should be done when laying out pattern pieces for a fabric with a nap?

Reverse the pattern piece and cut on a single layer

What is the purpose of cutting pieces with bent arrows double on the fabric?

To maintain the fabric's straightness

This quiz covers the steps involved in manipulating pattern designs for garments. It includes determining the needed design, preparing basic patterns, determining parts and extensions, as well as transferring points needed for manipulation.

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