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Polyploid Speciation in Plants and Animals

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What is the estimated percentage of plant species that descended from ancestors formed by polyploid speciation?

More than 80%

What is the term for the process of polyploid speciation that occurs between two different species?


What is the purpose of using chemicals that induce meiotic and mitotic errors in plant genetic manipulation?

To create new polyploid plants with desirable traits

Which of the following crops is an allohexaploid?


What is an example of a polyploid species in animals that has been documented in historical times?

The gray tree frog

What is the result of allopolyploidy events between pairs of introduced European Tragopodon species in the Pacific Northwest?

The formation of two new species of plants called goatsbeard

What is the primary mechanism of sympatric speciation in plants?

hybridization between species

Which process can result in reproductive isolation due to a new habitat or food source?

sympatric speciation

What is the term for the zone where allopatric species renew contact with one another?

hybrid zone

What is the main reproductive barrier separating the gene pools of the two closely related species of cichlids mentioned in the text?

mate choice based on coloration

What is the outcome of genetic change in an isolated population in allopatric speciation?

reproductive isolation

What is the term for the process by which a new species forms while geographically isolated from its parent population?

allopatric speciation

What is the primary mechanism by which autopolyploid mutants achieve reproductive isolation in a single generation?

Abnormal meiosis by the triploid hybrid offspring

Which of the following is a characteristic of allopolyploid hybrids?

They are fertile with each other but cannot breed with either parent species

What is the result of a failure of mitosis or meiosis in a cell, leading to polyploidy?

An increase in chromosome number from diploid to tetraploid

Which of the following is NOT a mechanism of producing polyploid individuals?

Gene flow reduction

What is the term for an individual with more than two sets of chromosomes, all derived from a single species?


What is the result of tetraploid individuals reproducing with themselves or other tetraploids?

Reproductive isolation despite sympatry

Test your knowledge of polyploid speciation, a phenomenon where a species emerges from a polyploid ancestor. This quiz covers the occurrence of polyploid speciation in animals and plants, including the gray tree frog and goatsbeard species.

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