Plant Antitumor Agents in Cancer Treatment

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Which of the following is NOT a main form of treatment for cancer in humans?


Which plant-based compound is derived from Taxus brevifolia and is used in the treatment of ovarian and advanced breast cancer?

Paclitaxel (Taxol)

What is the mechanism of action of Paclitaxel (Taxol)?

Enhancement of tubulin polymerization and promotion of microtubule assembly

What is the toxicity associated with the use of Paclitaxel (Taxol)?

Peripheral neuropathy

Which plant contains the compound Camptothecin, used for its antitumor properties?

Camptotheca acuminata

Which plant contains betulinic acid and is known for inducing apoptosis in cancer cells?

Betula alba

Which drug, derived from podophyllum peltatum, is used for lung, testicular cancer, and lymphomas?

Etoposide (Vepeside)

Which plant contains vinca alkaloids and is used in the treatment of systemic Hodgkin’s disease and other lymphomas?

Catharanthus roseus

Which drug, based on natural products, has benefited cardiology and is derived from salicin?


Which plant is one of the first to show some promise in fighting HIV/AIDS?

Castanospermum australe (Moreton Bay Chestnut or Blackbean)

Which plant-based compound is derived from Betula alba and is known for killing melanoma cells without affecting healthy cells?

Betulinic acid

Which drug, derived from Catharanthus roseus, is used in the treatment of acute leukemia in children?


What is the significant dose-limiting effect associated with drugs derived from topoisomerase Ⅰ interference?


Which plant is a source of steroidal drugs like progesterone and has been historically used to help stop bleeding of injured soldiers?

Sphagnum moss

Which drug, derived from Podophyllum peltatum, is contraindicated in pregnancy and used for brain tumors?


Which of the following is NOT a potential benefit of chemotherapy in cancer treatment?

Complete eradication of the tumor

What is the primary source of taxol for the treatment of cancer?

Camptotheca acuminata

What is the primary mechanism of action of taxol in cancer treatment?

Inhibition of tubulin polymerization

Which of the following is a constituent of Taxus brevifolia, the Pacific yew?

Vinca alkaloids

What is the primary clinical use of camptothecin?

Cardiovascular diseases

Explore the role of plant antitumor agents in the treatment of cancer, including their historical use, sources, and their significance in various traditional medicinal systems. Learn about specific examples of plant-derived compounds with anti-cancer properties.

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