Physical Fitness and Wellness

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What is physical fitness?

The capacity of body systems to function effectively together

According to the MIT Medical Center, physical fitness is compared to fine-tuning an engine because it:

Helps us perform at our maximum potential

Which components characterize cardiovascular endurance?

Ability of heart and lungs to supply oxygen efficiently over time

What is wellness?

The act of consistently practicing healthy habits for better physical and mental health

How does physical fitness influence mental capabilities according to the text?

Fitness influences qualities like mental alertness and emotional stability

What is the primary objective of biomechanics in sports and physical exercise?

To increase performance in a particular sport or physical exercise

What is the relationship between the primary and secondary objectives of biomechanics in sports and physical exercise?

The secondary objective is inextricably linked to the primary objective

Which of the following is NOT a component of physical fitness mentioned in the text?

Cardiovascular endurance

What is the definition of biomechanics according to the text?

All of the above

What are fundamental body movements, according to the text?

Both b and c

Explore the concept of physical fitness and its importance in maintaining overall health and well-being. Learn how being physically fit can enhance daily activities and improve quality of life. Dive into the correlation between physical fitness and optimal body function according to experts at the MIT Medical Center for Health Promotion and Wellness.

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