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What does physical fitness refer to?

Efficient performance of daily activities with minimal effort

What is the distinguishing characteristic of exercise?

Structured activity planned to develop physical fitness

How does physical activity differ from exercise?

Physical activity includes all bodily movements

What is physical conditioning in relation to physical fitness?

Developing and maintaining physical fitness through exercise

Why is exercise considered a component of physical activity?

To develop and maintain physical fitness

How does fitness enable a person to respond effectively to emergencies?

By enhancing muscle strength and endurance

Which component of skill-related fitness refers to a person's ability to exert muscle force quickly?


What does coordination in skill-related fitness primarily depend on?

Working of the nervous system and muscles

Which health-related component of fitness focuses on the ability to exert force over a period of time or repetitions?

Muscular endurance

What is the primary factor that influences how our body responds to training according to the Principles of Training?


Which health-related component of fitness relates to the relative amount of fat mass to fat-free mass in an individual?

Body Composition

What is the primary difference between power and speed as skill-related components of physical fitness?

Power combines strength and speed; speed alone is not adequate for power.

Learn about the importance of physical fitness and how it enables you to perform daily activities with ease. This quiz covers concepts related to maintaining fitness for overall health and well-being.

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