Philosophy of Science and Technology Chapter 4

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What is the primary goal of the 'expediting' process in modern technology?

To maximize efficiency and minimize expense

What term did Heidegger use to describe the things revealed in modern technology?

Standing in Reserve

What is the 'essence' of modern technology according to the text?


What is the result of the 'enframing' process in modern technology?

The process of truth reverts back into the realm of erring

What is the characteristic of 'things' in modern technology, according to Heidegger?

They are called to come forth in challenging and expediting

What is the world centered on, according to the 'enframing' process in modern technology?

Man's caprices and demands

What is the primary focus of modern technology according to Martin Heidegger?

To supply energy that can be extracted and stored

What does the term 'physis' contrast with in the context of modern technology?


What is the essence of technology according to Heidegger?

A mode of being or revealing

What is an example of modern technology's challenging mode of revealing, according to the text?

Tracks of land as objects where coal and ore can be demanded

What is NOT a characteristic of modern technology according to Heidegger?

It is a practical application of natural science

What is the title of the philosophical work by Martin Heidegger that is referenced in the text?

The Question Concerning Technology

What is the concept of Eudaimonia constituted by?

Rational activity in virtues of character and intellectual virtues, mutual beneficial friendships and scientific knowledge

According to Aristotle, what is the proper and desired end of all our actions?

To flourish as human beings

What is the central aspect of Confucian humanism?

Learning to be human

What is the tripartite structure of the soul according to Aristotle?

Rational, emotional and appetitive

What is the purpose of understanding something's function according to Aristotle?

To understand its nature

What is the ultimate goal of human actions according to Aristotle?

To flourish as human beings

Study Notes

  • Martin Heidegger, a German philosopher, wrote about the essence of technology in "The Question Concerning Technology".
  • Heidegger conceives modern technology as an instrumental way of revealing the world, where it is a means to achieve ends.
  • The essence of technology is not something humans make, but rather a mode of being or revealing.
  • Technology holds sway over beings, including gods and history, and is primarily a matter of modern and industrial technology.
  • Technology is not simply the practical application of natural science.
  • Modern technology's mode of revealing is characterized as "challenging", where nature is put to an unreasonable demand to supply energy that can be extracted and stored.
  • Mining technology is an example of this challenging mode, where tracks of land are revealed as something that can be demanded for coal and ore.
  • The challenging mode of modern technology is also characterized as "expediting", where action or process is 100% accomplished and something is unlocked or exposed for maximum yield at minimum expense.
  • Heidegger terms things revealed in modern technology as "standing in reserve", where they are not objects with autonomy but rather resources to be used efficiently.
  • The "essence" of modern technology is "enframing", where the world is centered on human desires and demands, and nature is put in a frame to be understood and controlled.
  • Eudaimonia, or human flourishing, is achieved through virtue, knowledge, and excellence, and is central to Confucian humanism.
  • The three motivating parts of the soul/mind are rational, spirited or emotional, and appetitive, each with their own desired ends, and Eudaimonia requires an ordering of this tripartite structure.
  • Eudaimonia is constituted by rational activity in virtues of character, intellectual virtues, mutual beneficial friendships, and scientific knowledge.
  • Aristotle's view is that all humans seek to flourish, and the proper end of our actions is to understand something's function by understanding its nature.
  • To flourish, a man must pursue goals that are both rational for him individually and as a human being.

Explore the relationship between science, technology, and humanity. Reflect on the essence of technology and its impact on our world. Learn about Martin Heidegger's philosophical views on technology.

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