COPY: Philippine Probation System: Presidential Decree No. 968

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What is a 'probationer' as defined in this Decree?

A person placed on probation

What is the primary goal of the correctional system according to the decree?

To promote the reformation of offenders

What is a prerequisite for a defendant to be placed on probation?

A prior investigation by the probation officer

What is the purpose of the decree, according to Section 2?

To promote the correction and rehabilitation of an offender

What is the time limit for the probation officer to submit the investigation report to the court?

60 days from receipt of the order

What happens when an application for probation is filed?

The defendant's appeal is automatically withdrawn

Who issued the decree?

Ferdinand E. Marcos, President of the Philippines

What is the title of the decree?

The Probation Law of 1976

What is the form of the investigation report submitted by the probation officer?

In the form prescribed by the Probation Administrator

What is the time limit for the court to resolve the petition for probation?

5 days after receipt of the investigation report

What is one of the reasons for establishing a probation system?

To reduce the financial burden on the country

Which of the following is NOT a purpose of the decree?

To punish all offenders

Test your knowledge of the Presidential Decree No. 968, which establishes a probation system in the Philippines, aiming to promote the reformation of offenders and reduce recidivism. Learn about the goals and objectives of this decree. Assess your understanding of the Philippines' correctional system and its rehabilitation programs.

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