COPY: Philippine Mythical Creatures: The Alan

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What is the wingspan of the alan creature?

7 feet

Which type of creature has impervious grey skin comparable to a carabao?


How does the aswang transform into a ravening animal at night?

Through ingestion of a black chick

What does the alan prefer as its victims?

Male victims

What can the alan create 'children' from?

Menstrual blood, miscarried fetuses, or stillborn babies

Which creature has the ability to transform into a large dog, a massive hog, or a grotesque creature at night?


What is an effective weapon against aswangs?

Stingray tail

How can one prevent an aswang from reuniting and eventually killing it?

Cut it in half and place the halves on opposite banks of a river

How can one break the spell of the batibat?

Moving the big toe or biting one's thumb while feeling a great weight above them while sleeping

Where does the Bakunawa live?

In the deepest part of the ocean, to the east of the Philippine Islands

What do communities do to prevent Bakunawa from swallowing celestial bodies?

Make loud noises such as screaming and ringing bells

How is the calag described?

Emaciated, pale-skinned humans attending wakes

What does an aswang do when wounded?

It is recommended to cut it in half

What is one way to see the batibat as it manifests out of its wooden post?

Through a ritual prescribed by a manggagamot

What can appease the batibat?

Taking a splinter of wood from its post and returning it to the forest

Test your knowledge on the alan, a mythical creature encountered by the Tinguian tribe in the Philippines. Learn about its unique features, behavior, and encounters in folklore.

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