Multimedia Systems: Defining Object Data Types

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Which type of object is considered the simplest and requires the least amount of storage?


What is hypertext primarily used for in multimedia systems?

Providing rapid search of specific text strings

Which type of object is not associated with temporal properties in multimedia systems?

Full-motion video

What are the major attributes of text in multimedia systems?

Paragraph styling, character styling, font families, relative location

Which type of object is a subobject of the hypermedia document?


What type of information does an Audio object need to store?

Length of the sound clip, compression algorithm, playback characteristics, and annotations

From a storage perspective, what information should be available for processing Full Motion and Live Video?

Information about the coding algorithm used for compression

What is essential for successful playback of compressed video?

Database storage, network media and protocols, decompression engines and display engines

What is a requirement for the successful presentation of video to the user?

Smooth presentation with no unexpected breaks

For which type of object must the associated audio object be transferred over the network to the decompression unit?

Video object

This quiz covers the basic data types used in multimedia systems, including text, image, audio, holograms, and full-motion video. It discusses the attributes and applications of text and hypertext in multimedia systems.

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