Memory Devices in Multimedia Systems

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Which memory type is slower than main memory?

Secondary Memory

Through which component are data and programs transferred from disk to cache memory?

Operating System

Which memory is also known as external memory or non-volatile?

Secondary Memory

What is the purpose of cache memory in relation to the CPU?

Speeds up access to frequently used data

Which type of storage device allows the CPU to access data after transferring it to main memory?


Which input device is commonly used for entering data into a computer?


What is another name for primary memory?

Internal Memory

Which type of memory gets lost when the power is switched off?


What is the main function of cache memory?

Speed up the CPU by holding frequently used data and programs

Which memory type acts as a buffer between the CPU and main memory?

Cache Memory

Which type of memory is generally made up of semiconductor devices?


Where do the data and instructions reside that are required to be processed earlier?

Main Memory

What type of operations does the CPU perform?

Arithmetical and logical operations

In what form does the CPU work with data?

Discrete form (0 and 1)

Which unit performs arithmetical and logical operations on the stored data?

Arithmetic and Logic Unit

Which memory device temporarily stores data until the computer is ready to process it?

Primary Memory

Where is the processed data transferred before being sent to an output device?

Internal Storage

Which memory device takes the data from an input device for storage?

Memory Unit

Test your knowledge on memory devices in multimedia systems. Explore the concepts of primary and secondary memory and how they store processed data and intermediate results.

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