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During which phase does the number of cells increase as an exponential function of 2n?

Log phase

At what pH range do acidophiles typically thrive?

Below pH 5.5

Which type of microbe requires oxygen for growth and survival?


What is the term for an organism that tolerates the presence of oxygen but does not utilize it?

Aerotolerant anaerobe

At what temperature range do thermophiles thrive?

45 – 80 ºC

What is the definition of microbial growth?

An increase in the number of microbial cells

What is a colony in microbiology?

A group of attached cells

What is the normal reproductive method of bacteria?

Binary fission

What does generation time refer to in microbiology?

Time required for a cell to divide or a population to double

What factors does the generation time depend upon?

Nutrient in the medium and physical conditions

Study Notes

Microbial Growth and Characteristics

  • The number of cells increases as an exponential function of 2n during the logarithmic phase.
  • Acidophiles thrive in a pH range that is typically acidic.
  • Aerobes are the type of microbe that requires oxygen for growth and survival.
  • Facultative anaerobes are organisms that tolerate the presence of oxygen but do not utilize it.

Microbial Environment and Reproduction

  • Thermophiles thrive in a temperature range that is typically high.
  • Microbial growth is defined as an increase in the number of cells or increase in cellular components.
  • A colony in microbiology refers to a group of cells that originate from a single cell.
  • The normal reproductive method of bacteria is binary fission.
  • Generation time refers to the time required for a cell to divide and form two new cells.
  • The generation time depends on factors such as nutrient availability, temperature, pH, and oxygen availability.

Test your understanding of microbial growth and metabolism with this quiz. Learn about the increase in the number of cells, colony formation, and the requirements for microbial growth.

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